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 Hubby's socks

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Sheka ~ Owner

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PostSubject: Hubby's socks   Sun 3 Jan 2016 - 14:13

I have just been washing and putting dry stuff away.Went in hubby's draw to put away his sock.....and thought bl** dy hell how many pairs...............would you believe his has 40 🦆

How many pairs does your hubby have or is there something else he hoards?

"Don't criticize what you don't understand, son. You never walked in that mans'  shoes *Elvis*
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steel bat


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PostSubject: Re: Hubby's socks   Sun 3 Jan 2016 - 22:37

Should we count -
The pairs with a hole in that are save for emergencies.
The pairs with a hole in that have been washed so can't be thrown away until worn just one more time.
The pair of socks with smiley face motif that would not not be seen dead in
The pair of socks with "Ole fart"  that would not not be seen dead in
The pair of socks with "Super Dad"  that would not not be seen dead in
The multipack of socks that don't fit but the wife bought last Christmas so ....
The multipack of socks that  itch  but the wife bought last Birthday so ....
The multipack of socks that  never stay up but the wife bought ... can't remember when ...
And of course, could never throw away the florescent green socks that used to be worn with the drape and drainpipes thirty-plus years ago.
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PostSubject: Re: Hubby's socks   Tue 5 Jan 2016 - 13:04

Lots of socks and new ones for Christmas.
The ones with holes that I have to sneak away to bin them
Ones with his name on it
pink fluffy ones (yes he has) no idea who thought that a good idea but he wears them with his pyjamas
He takes forever to cut his nails so they hole the socks all the time.
t shirts he has lots of and when he sees ones that are on sale he buys them...they get stuffed into 2 drawers but he wears the same ones over and over
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PostSubject: Re: Hubby's socks   Tue 7 Mar 2017 - 12:08

Mine has 3 draws of them socks dress socks work socks trainer socks and pattern socks basically 100s lol
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pat4 soul~mate


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PostSubject: Re: Hubby's socks   Wed 15 Mar 2017 - 22:38

Pete's got lots too he's some that have never been open.
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PostSubject: Re: Hubby's socks   

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Hubby's socks
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