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 Do you think you are

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Sheka ~ Owner

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PostSubject: Do you think you are   Sat 18 Feb - 12:34

Do you think you are too old to wear a certain type skirt/top ect.Also do you have your hair short because it's easy to manage or because you feel you are to old for longer hair,that also appiles to make up how much do you feel ok about wearing if you are 50/70 plus

"Don't criticize what you don't understand, son. You never walked in that mans'  shoes *Elvis*
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PostSubject: Re: Do you think you are   Sat 18 Feb - 15:07

Eight months before I am 50 so will leave this one for the 'older' lady. :)
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steel bat


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PostSubject: Re: Do you think you are   Sat 18 Feb - 21:40

As an older gent, having gone bald on the crown, long hair would look a bit ridiculous, so a a short haircut it is.
Clothes these days are definitely comfort over style.
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Sabbi ~ Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Do you think you are   Sat 25 Feb - 12:00

I agree Batman, I don't know when I last wore a skirt or dress, I am much more comfortable in trousers. Make up, unless for a special occasion, I am not fussed about. My hair is kept short because it is much easier to manage that way,(I think long hair on an older lady looks odd and in my opinion makes them look older) I speak from experience, I always had long hair and as I got older it wasn't as easy to manage so I cut it all off and I took 10 years off my looks, that was family and friends told me that.

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PostSubject: Re: Do you think you are   Thu 2 Mar - 22:02

I cut my hair short recently and all the family love it and say I look younger so maybe Sabin is right that at a certain age long hair doesn't look for clothes I've never worn short skirts as my mother bought me up to be ladylike .. I dress for comfort at home but rest of the time whatever I feel suits the not a cocktail dress to Sainsbury lol

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PostSubject: Re: Do you think you are   

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Do you think you are
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