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 What to do?

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Imbrutus ~ Co-Owner

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PostSubject: What to do?   Tue 3 Oct - 16:40

Another quick one: You go on a package holiday and your return flight is late evening, you get thown out of your hotel at 10 am and the coach gets you to the airport at noon ish, what the heck do you do for 7 or 8 hours?

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PostSubject: Re: What to do?   Wed 4 Oct - 17:04

ask if the airport has wifi and sit and play games and look on ebay on my iphone lol... and I can do that for hours lol

should edit to add..if I get bored of ebay I'll then get in a mood and will yell at the parents around to stop their kids running around all over the place and them not watching them (it annoys me anywhere)
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What to do?
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