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Mind and Soul : 1st Book Review on the Shack!

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Mind and Soul : 1st Book Review on the Shack!

Post by Naiwen on Tue 13 Feb - 15:34

So, my ex therapist from a year ago, recommended that I read this book an I should like to review it for you in 3 parts : 1. Content. 2. Language used. 3. Average rating and final opinion.

1. Content : I've learnt a lot from this book. It's an advanced cognitive behavioral therapy book. There were many therapy exercises I found helpful, bought it and still use them until now.

2. Language used : The book was in English, I found it flowing and vulgarized, easy to understand.

3. Average rating and final opinion : 9/10 for me because I've learnt a great deal from it. I highly recommend it to those suffering from depression to light stress and anxiety.

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