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Everyone under 55 to get £10,ooo

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Everyone under 55 to get £10,ooo

Post by Guest on Fri 16 Feb - 15:30


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Re: Everyone under 55 to get £10,ooo

Post by Cee~Bookworm on Sat 17 Feb - 10:33

20 grand for me and Paul then. I'm sure I can take advantage of this
Only joking but I'm sure there will be 90% of people who get this will be taking advantage.
People can easily say they are setting up a new business then a couple of months later say it didn't work out.
Retraining can be a course with the open university online and they have free courses.
Also it says it could help for people with sick relatives. Good for all those that lost out on the disabilty payments when it changed to PIP

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