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Post by Sheka ~ Owner on Mon 12 Mar - 1:12

I just read in chat about some of our friends feeling lonely.
I thought this might be a good topic to see what you do if you are one of these people.
You don't have to live alone to feel lonely.I have a wonderful hubby,we do lots of things together but this time of year we can't go outside in the garden ,it's too cold to stand around chatting to neighbours ,so we stay indoors a fair bit.
We read,play cards,board games and both of us have our own pcs but sometimes you really need outside company.We don't have a big family so spend a lot of time just us two.
I know some of you don't even have that so what do you do,come on here and chat to your online friends or what?
Please write in here and tell us how you cope with loneliness as it is very hard but your imput could help someone else.
Thank you Ley


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